Employee Feature: Austin Corbett

Without our kickass team, Historic Brewing Company would not be the business that it is. We rely upon our employees to not only do a great job but also to represent our brand and help us grow in the community and we are lucky enough to have some of the greatest people in Northern Arizona in our Historic family. One of those awesome team members is Austin Corbett, who is not only our Head Assistant Brewer but also our In-house Photographer and our Social Media Manager. He wears a lot of hats within the company, and his dedication and drive is apparent through each of his roles. 

When Austin isn’t at work brewing up tasty beers or working to shoot and create content for our social media accounts, you can find him working on his own personal photography, playing with his dog Luna, or grabbing a beer after a hike or a mountain bike ride. Austin is a great guy to know and is always down to chat with customers, friends, and coworkers. We interviewed Austin to get to know him a little more and the following questions will help you get to know him too. We hope you enjoy his funny and candid answers, and the next time you see Austin out in the world make sure you say hi. 

Austin 5th Anny

  • What three things would you bring with you on a deserted island?

    • “My camera, a book, and my dog Luna.”

  • If you were a beer style which one would you be?

    • “Probably a session IPA, because I really enjoy drinking and brewing IPAs but I’m more mellow than a really hop forward IPA.”

  • What do you hope to be remembered for?

    • “I hope to be remembered for following my passions, treating people well, and creating photos that made an impact on people.”

  • What’s your ideal day off look like?

    • “Hiking in the Grand Canyon.”

  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    • “Probably flight so I could get places faster.”

  • How did you get into working at Historic Brewing Company?

    • “I started as a server downtown, then worked my way up to a bartender before I was offered a position brewing at the Brewery. Then I’ve just taken on more roles from there.”

  • What has been your most favorite and your least favorite day on the job?

    • “Favorite was probably the first day I brewed a beer by myself and least favorite was when Zack was gone at CBC and everything went wrong in the Brewery.”

  • Who is your biggest teacher?

    • “My parents, they taught me to follow my passions in life and have always supported me even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do.”

  • If this was your last meal, what would you be eating?

    • “Thai food - yellow curry.”

  • What type of music best describes you and your work ethic?

    • “Classic rock.”

  • Early riser or night owl?

    • “Early riser.”

  • What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your job?

    • “Favorite is probably the environment and the industry as a whole because it’s laid back and the majority of people in it are there because they want to be and love it too. Least favorite would have to be canning.”

  • If you only had three words to describe yourself what would they be?

    • “Adventurous, passionate, and curious.”

  • What’s a skill you’d love to wake up tomorrow and have mastered?

    • “Time Management.”

  • You’re on a road trip and can only bring one CD with you - what would it be?

    • “Harvest by Neil Young.”