Employee Highlight: Jessica Price

Although on this blog we often focus on our beers and the new and delicious things that we are brewing, we wouldn’t be able to do all that brewing or bring our beers to the public without our kickass employees. They are the heart of this company and help to make everyone feel like a member of the Historic Brewing Company family. One of our most kickass employees is Jessica Price, the general manager of our Williams location. She has been with the company for two years and has helped to make a difference company wide with her dedication to service and her desire to connect and share with her employees and her customers.

Jessica moved to Northern Arizona after living in Michigan for most of her life where she not only grew up around breweries but also worked in the service industry for eleven years. She learned a lot about beer and realized that this was an industry that she wanted to work in when she was working for a bar in Michigan named the Winking Lizard. This bar had 45 beers on tap and gave her a lot of experience and knowledge about different beer styles and different breweries from all over the country.

Her move to Arizona came not only from a desire to change her surroundings, but also the desire to find cheap property so that she and her husband could have their own little piece of the world. Before moving to Northern Arizona, Jessica and her husband began to minimize their lives, realizing that they wanted to build a tiny home and create a more sustainable lifestyle without debt. They bought an old trailer, gutted it to the base, and then began the hard work of designing and creating a home of their own. They worked on their tiny home for 12 months - building it in between their part time jobs with the money they made working so that they would not create any debt while doing their build out. When their tiny home was complete and they had decided on a place to move, they packed up their lives and towed their trailer out to the property that they live on now.

Jessica, her husband, their two dogs and two cats all live in the 221 square foot tiny home, complete with two lofts. They own 3.5 acres in Ash Fork and their property backs up to the Kaibab National Forest with beautiful views of the mountain. They feel like this property is where they were meant to land and they have no plans to leave, but just to continue to work on this property to make it even more sustainable. This piece of land is their own little piece of the world and they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jess Portrait BHW

Jessica’s husband is in charge of keeping up the property, including their amazing greenhouse, while we steal her away to manage Historic Brewing Company’s Williams locations. She began working for the company as a server but quickly moved her way up, and a year ago she became the general manager, overseeing the daily operations of the Bistro and Barrel House restaurants. She has always loved working in the service industry and especially loves working out in Williams where everyone seems to be on an adventure and is happy and excited to share their stories and experiences. Jessica herself said that is also also on an adventure, just a long term one. She loves that everyday of work is different and that she gets to connect with her staff and her customers on a human level.

She brings a lot to our company in terms of leadership, with her ability to handle whatever is thrown at her while managing our busiest restaurants out in Williams. She is able to manage her staff with fairness while being strong, which is one of the hardest but most respectable qualities of a leader. All of her experiences up to this point have allowed her opportunities to grow and develop herself as a person, and she translates that to her work with Historic. She is constantly evolving with her staff, the company, and the locations she manages as each day can bring new successes or problems to work through.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her working on her property, hanging out with her animals, hiking, or drinking a beer. Her favorite beer style is a Porter, but her favorite HBC beer is Sour Bear Arms which she loves for its unique flavor and complexity. She brings so much to our company and our company culture with her ability to make the best out of what is available to her in any moment. She is an incredible human and an amazing manager and we couldn’t imagine our Williams locations and this company as a whole without her leadership, resourcefulness, and kindness.