Recipe Feature: Spicy Spare Moment Shrimp

It’s Historic recipe time, and we’re cooking with beer again! This time we are adding our new IPA, Spare Moment, to a spicy shrimp dish that is so easy and delicious that it’s sure to become part of your weekly rotation of recipes. 

If you’ve been following along with the blog you’ll know by now that IPAs are best paired with spicy foods, as the hop bitterness helps dull out some of the food’s spice on your tongue. This can help you taste the true flavors beyond the hot spiciness of the dish and add depth to the flavors as well. Our IPA, Spare Moment, is excellent used in this shrimp dish, and it is also a great beer to serve alongside your meal. Spare Moment has a balanced flavor, with some tropical and melon notes to it and a great hop bitterness that isn’t overwhelming. Give this recipe and this beer a try for yourself and let us know what you think!

Spare Moment.jpg

Spicy Spare Moment Shrimp

-3 tablespoons of olive oil or butter (or a combo of both)

-1-2 cloves of minced garlic

-½ of a finely chopped yellow onion

-1 pound of peeled and deveined raw shrimp

-⅔ cup of Spare Moment IPA

-2 tablespoons of tomato paste

-2 teaspoons of smoked paprika

-1 teaspoon of chili powder

-1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

-salt & pepper to taste

1. In a skillet or large pan heat the butter and/or olive oil

2. Add in the onion and garlic until translucent

3. Add in the tomato paste, spices, shrimp and beer and bring it a boil

4. Reduce to a simmer and cook until shrimp is cooked through and the sauce has reduced

5. Serve on top of rice or a salad, and alongside a Spare Moment IPA

Employee Feature: Austin Corbett

Without our kickass team, Historic Brewing Company would not be the business that it is. We rely upon our employees to not only do a great job but also to represent our brand and help us grow in the community and we are lucky enough to have some of the greatest people in Northern Arizona in our Historic family. One of those awesome team members is Austin Corbett, who is not only our Head Assistant Brewer but also our In-house Photographer and our Social Media Manager. He wears a lot of hats within the company, and his dedication and drive is apparent through each of his roles. 

When Austin isn’t at work brewing up tasty beers or working to shoot and create content for our social media accounts, you can find him working on his own personal photography, playing with his dog Luna, or grabbing a beer after a hike or a mountain bike ride. Austin is a great guy to know and is always down to chat with customers, friends, and coworkers. We interviewed Austin to get to know him a little more and the following questions will help you get to know him too. We hope you enjoy his funny and candid answers, and the next time you see Austin out in the world make sure you say hi. 

Austin 5th Anny

  • What three things would you bring with you on a deserted island?

    • “My camera, a book, and my dog Luna.”

  • If you were a beer style which one would you be?

    • “Probably a session IPA, because I really enjoy drinking and brewing IPAs but I’m more mellow than a really hop forward IPA.”

  • What do you hope to be remembered for?

    • “I hope to be remembered for following my passions, treating people well, and creating photos that made an impact on people.”

  • What’s your ideal day off look like?

    • “Hiking in the Grand Canyon.”

  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    • “Probably flight so I could get places faster.”

  • How did you get into working at Historic Brewing Company?

    • “I started as a server downtown, then worked my way up to a bartender before I was offered a position brewing at the Brewery. Then I’ve just taken on more roles from there.”

  • What has been your most favorite and your least favorite day on the job?

    • “Favorite was probably the first day I brewed a beer by myself and least favorite was when Zack was gone at CBC and everything went wrong in the Brewery.”

  • Who is your biggest teacher?

    • “My parents, they taught me to follow my passions in life and have always supported me even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do.”

  • If this was your last meal, what would you be eating?

    • “Thai food - yellow curry.”

  • What type of music best describes you and your work ethic?

    • “Classic rock.”

  • Early riser or night owl?

    • “Early riser.”

  • What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your job?

    • “Favorite is probably the environment and the industry as a whole because it’s laid back and the majority of people in it are there because they want to be and love it too. Least favorite would have to be canning.”

  • If you only had three words to describe yourself what would they be?

    • “Adventurous, passionate, and curious.”

  • What’s a skill you’d love to wake up tomorrow and have mastered?

    • “Time Management.”

  • You’re on a road trip and can only bring one CD with you - what would it be?

    • “Harvest by Neil Young.”


The Perfect Pair: Beer & Food

We all know beer and food go well together, or else why would fries taste even better when eaten with your favorite beer... But do you know what foods work best with each style of beer and how to perfectly pair your favorite brew to food so that you optimize the taste of both?  

While beer pairing is more of an art than a science, we thought we’d break it down for you a little bit and even show you how we would pair some of our favorite Historic beers to food so that you can do it at home too. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two and be able to show off your beer and food pairing skills next time you’re out with friends or trying to impress your cute date. 

The Basics:

When thinking about beer and food pairing you’re going to want to consider a few things - the style of beer, the hop quality of the beer, certain flavor notes to the beer, and then the style of food, its heaviness, and its spice or sweetness. As a general rule of thumb we want our flavors to compliment one another and help enhance the experience of both, but it isn’t always as simple as pairing a chocolate cake with a roasty, chocolate Porter. For instance, spicy food and IPAs generally go really well together, not because you’d immediately think their flavors compliment one another, but because the hop bitterness helps to enhance the spices in the dish and illuminate their rich flavor qualities. Pairing a heavier beer with a heavier food is also a good rule of thumb, and vice versa with lighter foods and lighter beers. Again, this is an art and not a science so it may take some time to really get good at pairing your food and beer, but below is a guide to how we would pair our favorite Historic Brewing Company beers to food. Use this guide as a starting point to explore how you would want to pair some of your favorite beers and styles, and then go from there!

Spring Equinox Guava

The Guide:

-Piehole Porter: Our signature Cherry Vanilla Porter, although more medium bodied, is still a darker heavier beer and thus should be paired with something heavier in nature. The sweetness of this beer goes well with BBQ beef or pork, or even a BBQ Pizza. Piehole Porter is also delicious paired with something sweet like chocolate cake, fudge, or a brownie.

-Oceanfront Property Lager: One of our lighter offerings, Oceanfront Property Lager, is crisp and easy to drink and pairs well with lighter dishes such as fish, chicken, and salad. We also think it pairs great with tacos, and other lighter Mexican fare. If you’re craving something sweet with your Oceanfront though, pair this light lager with a Key Lime Pie, Lemon Bar, or a Shortbread Cookie. 

-Spare Moment IPA: This India Pale Ale has notes of melon and tropical fruit with a great bitterness to it. We suggest pairing this hopped ale with something spicy - perhaps a good Thai or Indian Curry, or a heavily spiced Chili. You could also pair Spare Moment with a dessert like Carrot Cake or a Rice Pudding to bring out those deep, rich flavors as well. 

Humpback Chub: A Fish and a Beer

It’s time for our third beer release from our year long collaboration with the Grand Canyon Conservancy, and this time we brewed a delicious easy-drinking Blonde Ale. This Blonde Ale, named the Humpback Chub Blonde, was named after one of the endangered fish species that is found in the rivers of the Grand Canyon.  It is the only remaining chub species of fish still living and the highest population of this species is found within the Grand Canyon.

While the Humpback Chub fish has quite an interesting name and it’s not the prettiest thing to look at, we wanted to bring awareness to this endangered fish with our latest beer. Most of these fish live near the confluence of the Little Colorado River, however there are eight other small groups of fish that live in other parts of the Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park is working to protect this species of fish through different efforts with the hopes of building back up this native species.

The Humpback Chub Blonde Ale has an ABV of 5% and an IBU of 20, with an aroma of floral honey and biscuit crackers. It is pale gold in color with a smooth finish. This beer has a slight hop floral taste to it that finishes with a malt sweetness similar to light honey. Humpback Chub Blonde is perfect for anyone that loves a smooth, refreshing beer and wants to help support an awesome local organization.

Photo Jul 17, 11 05 14 AM.jpg

We are releasing this beer on July 19th at our Beer Release Event at the Brewery from 6-8pm. The Grand Canyon Conservancy will be at the Brewery to help us celebrate and will be raffling off prizes as well. 10% of all keg sales from this beer will be going back to the Grand Canyon Conservancy, and we’ve got two more special brews up our sleeve this year to round out our collaboration with their organization. Keep an eye out for news about those brews, and in the meantime enjoy a Humpback Chub Blonde Ale!

Orange You Glad It's a Brown

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Beer. Beer who? New Historic Brewing Company beer!

Our latest beer, aptly named Orange You Glad It’s a Brown, may have been inspired by every five year old’s favorite knock knock joke, but we can assure you that this beer is no laughing matter. This Burnt Orange Brown Ale is an exciting take on a Brown, with zesty citrus flavors and a charred sweetness. It has an aroma of chocolate, orange, and malt sweetness and the delicious aroma carries over into the flavors as well.

Orange You Glad It’s a Brown has an ABV of 5.4% and an IBU of 20 with flavors of burnt orange, chocolate malts, and a touch of herbal hop notes. It is a lighter Brown Ale with softer malt characteristics that compliment the charred orange flavors. To make this beer we took a brulee torch to orange peels and added those to the boil, and then later added additional orange zest at the end of the beer brewing process. This added a brightness and depth to the beer which helps bring in extra dimension that you wouldn’t get with just any old Brown Ale.

Orange You Glad Its a Brown

This Brown Ale was brewed with 2-row, amber, crystal-60, especial and chocolate malts, as well as magnum and perle hops. This beer is perfect for anyone who loves a good malty beer, or loves Brown Ales and wants something different and unique. The flavors in this beer is reminiscent of chocolate covered orange candies and immediately transform us back to our childhoods. Orange You Glad It’s a Brown will be released starting June 21st at all of our locations while supplies last.

Recipe Feature: Opposable IPA Hummus

Love hummus and also love beer? We’ve got the perfect recipe for you then! This creamy dip is the ideal appetizer to make for all your summer parties, BBQs, and get togethers. Plus it’s made with our delicious IPA Opposable which takes this hummus to the next level, making it unique and extra special. The Opposable IPA hummus is made with minimal ingredients, is full of flavor, and is easy to make (even for those who ruin everything in the kitchen). Make a big batch in advance to eat throughout the week or bring it along to share with friends during any summer event you have planned. Serve with chopped vegetables, tortilla chips, or pita and you’ve got your new go-to summer snack.


Opposable IPA Hummus

-2 cans of rinsed chickpeas

-2 large cloves of minced garlic

-½ cup of tahini

-1 tablespoon of olive oil

-2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

-⅓ cup of Opposable IPA

-1 teaspoon of salt

Optional: Add in chili powder, fresh herbs, or jalapeno for even more kick.

1. Combine all ingredients except for beer in high speed blender or food processor.

2. Once well combined slowly add in beer until desired consistency.

3. Store in airtight container in refrigerator for 1-2 hours for flavors to meld.

4. Garnish with smoked paprika powder and serve.

What's the Deal with IBU?

IBU, or International Bitterness Units, if that number you see on tap signs, on the side of your beer can, and the thing you hear your hop head friend bragging about as he sips the latest double IPA. While we might all guess that based on the name it has something to do with how bitter the beer is - what does IBU really mean and how does it affect the taste of your beer, the style of beer, and everything else?

If we want to get technical, IBU measures the parts per million of isohumulones and other chemical compounds in a particular beer, which make up the acids found in hops that gives beer its bitter taste. However, there are a number of factors that go into how “bitter” a beer is and sometimes what is listed as a beer’s IBU, while scientifically accurate, this isn’t the whole story. A beer with a large malt profile, while also high in IBU, could be way less bitter and hop forward than a beer with a lower IBU that also a smaller malt profile. There’s also the element of extra added ingredients, such as coffee, spices, or fruit, that could give a higher or lower perceived bitterness while not affecting the IBU of the beer.


So why the heck do we use this scale if it isn’t even accurate to taste? Well, because we are humans and we like to categorize things, but also it generally helps the consumer get a better idea of how the beer is going to taste when they order it. While knowing styles and other factors is also important, a person who generally goes for Porters and Stouts which have a lower IBU and a low amount of hops in the beer is going to know that they probably shouldn’t order the IPA on the menu with an IBU of 75. The IBU scale generally starts at 5 and ends around 120, however the IBU limit is infinite and I’m sure there will be plenty of brewers trying to push the envelope in the future as the trend of bigger and bolder beers continues to grow.

While IBU helps give the beer drinker clues about what they’re about to drink, it also helps the brewers know that they are on track when brewing different styles of beer or producing large amounts of one of their mainstay beers. If the IBUs are out of whack or not what they’re expecting, they know that something has gone wrong and it’s time to go back to the drawing board. So while IBU might not tell you everything you want to know about your beer and the true bitterness of your brew is variable depending on other factors, it is an important tool for both the consumer and maker of the beer and it can help you up your beer knowledge as a whole making you seem smarter and way more cool in front of all of your friends.

Powell Expedition Lager: A Celebration of Exploration

On May 24th, 1869, ten explorers began their 900 mile expedition to explore the “great unknown” beginning in Green River, Wyoming and traveling through treacherous river systems to end in present day Lake Mead. This journey was led by John Wesley Powell and the men who made it through the 95 day trip are responsible for much of the earliest known maps and information about the Grand Canyon and the river systems that run through this once undiscovered portion of the West. This year marks the 150th anniversary of this incredible expedition, and in collaboration with the Arizona Historical Society and the Pioneer Museum we created a beer that celebrates this exploration and our continued education about this region of the world that we are lucky enough to call home

The Powell Expedition Lager, is not only an ode to the men who went on that first journey to discover unknown lands, but it is also a brew that pays homage to the beers of the past. This Lager was brewed with Cascade hops, which is the quintessential American hop and is most like the wild American hops that would have been growing around the time of the first expedition. This beer was also brewed with Magnum hops for bittering and Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat, and Caramel Pils Malts. It has an IBU of 28 and an ABV of 4.5%, making it the perfect easy drinking Lager for any of your own adventures


This speciality Lager has an aroma of cereal grains, lime peel, and the subtle aromatics of sweet honey. It is light straw in color and has flavor notes of citrus peel and citrus fruit, lager and malt grains, with some bitterness in the finish that does not linger but instead finishes crisp like a good Lager should. The Powell Expedition Lager is perfect for both newcomers to craft beer and those who just want a legendary Lager that is light and refreshing. It is a great beer to drink after a long hike or a day exploring the Grand Canyon like John Wesley Powell did many years ago.

This beer will be released for the first time on May 23rd at the Beer Release Party at our Eastside Brewery location in Flagstaff from 4-7pm. It will then be at the event put on by the Arizona Historical Society at the Pioneer Museum in Flagstaff on May 24th to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first expedition. This event is from 6-8:30pm and is free to the public. The Powell Expedition Lager will be on tap and there will be 150 commemorative pint glasses available for purchase as well.  Details for both events will be linked below, but be sure to come support both Historic and the Arizona Historical Society as we celebrate all things exploration with the Powell Expedition Lager!