Grand canyon wine co

tasting room manager

 Goal of this position:

  • The Manager leads the sales of our wine brand. The leadership role encompasses sales, customer service, and marketing. 

  • The Manager manages all daily functions of the Grand Canyon Wine Co working alongside the sales associates and maintains a positive work environment by inspiring, developing, and providing a vision of excellence. 

  • The Manager exemplifies genuine and sincere memorable connections with our guests and is responsible for meeting and exceeding company financial results. 

  • The Manager oversees the execution of the GCW Wine Club.

  • The Manager position reports to the President.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Effectively coaches and leads a team of sales employees on selling and displaying wine and merchandise within the tasting room.

  • Builds and maintains strategic partnerships with customers and drives customer satisfaction through superior service and execution.

  • Activates local promotions to build brand development and maximize brand performance.

  • Assists in the recruiting and hiring of staff for GCW Tasting Room, conducting interviews and managing staff training sessions. 

  • Approves, reviews, and directs the organizing, creating, and communicating of scheduling for the tasting room according to past sales, trends, and events and is accountable for all staffing needs. 

  • Takes responsibility for the physical space and ensures that it stays clean and organized: plants are watered, windows are cleaned daily, candles are lit, retail shirts are folded nicely, clutter is eliminated, etc. 

  • Executes and oversees the manual canning of wines. 

  • Maintains high level of expectation for one’s self as to provide a more enhanced service experience. 

  • In charge of the GCW Wine Club. Sells memberships, sends shipments, and creates a long lasting relationship with the members. Composes quarterly newsletter/30 day notice to send to members. Maintains accurate and confidential documentation on each member (contact info, payment method, tasting profile, and record of all previous shipments including free gifts).

  • Leads a safe, secure, and healthy facility environment by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards, and procedures complying with health and legal regulations and maintaining security systems when applicable.

  • Responsible for managing potential profit and revenue streams, such as boosting sales of wine memberships, increasing retail sales, and building a repeat customer clientele base.

  • Responsible for financial accuracy of sales records, expenses, and inventories through proactively researching, reviewing, correcting discrepancies, and maximizing profitability. Maintains Sales Projections, Sales Averages and Payroll reports.

  • Drives excellence in service that creates meaningful and genuine connections with guests and translates into positive social feedback commentaries and minimal formal guest complaints

  • Speaks the history, traditions, and education surrounding the company culture, product knowledge, and service standards through providing coaching, training, and education on a daily basis. Is an ambassador for the brand.

  • Investigates and actively resolves guest issues and responds to outside complaints in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • Ensures proper professional conduct and uniform appearance of all team members.

  • Provides a positive work environment free of harassment or discrimination 

  • Ensures appropriate levels of lighting, music, and comfortable temperatures for our guests in the Tasting Room.

  • Provides a vision for the service staff team and mentors each through development and playing an active role in acquiring new skills and turning them into talents.

  • Leads a team atmosphere which welcomes new team-members and actively provides optimistic and helpful coaching from all team members.

  • Demonstrates a confident command of knowledge regarding products and services and ensures that the staff knows, demonstrates, and communicates products and service to our guests confidently and correctly.

  • Follows company policies and standards and holds staff accountable to do the same.

  • Performs weekly inventory of all products to ensure adequate stock of supplies and goods.

  • Controls purchasing and par levels of products and supplies in a financially responsible manner without compromising quality of service and products under the direction of the Director Of Operations.

  • Provides constant professional feedback to all team members to meet company service and job expectations.

  • Safeguards the sale of alcoholic beverages through maintaining staff certifications, providing education and training, and is proactive about recognizing appropriate service of alcohol.

  • Develops effective wine training and tasting notes for GCW employees and employees at all other locations in Kennelly Family Concepts.

  • Maintains a balanced and varied wine list. Creates printed menus and flight lists.

  • Keeps accurate business hours, contact info, and sales listings on GCW website and social media (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram).

  • Responds to all customer inquiries from GCW website, email (info@gcw), and social media (Google, Facebook, Instagram).

  • Accountable for online sales. Ensures the timely and accurate processing of all wine orders placed online, over the phone, or in the tasting room.

  • Researches and signs GCW up for events & festivals to gain exposure, brand recognition, and boost sales.

  • Ensures festivals & events are properly staffed to best represent the GCW brand.

  • Actively networks with other wineries at festivals, events, and in the market as well as maintains relationships with the Arizona wineries we carry in the tasting room.

  • Represents GCW in the wholesale market. Maintains relationships with current wholesale customers and finds potential wholesale customers  by networking and working out in the market when possible.

  • Delivers wine to wholesale customers when orders are placed

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position is responsible for the direct supervision of all tasting room employees.

Experience and Education:

  • Level 1 Sommelier preferred

  • Food Managers Card for Coconino County

  • Arizona Title 4 Liquor Training Basic and Managers


We as a company pride ourselves on treating everyone with respect. We are a team here and we expect everyone to come to work every day with a smile on their face. It’s important that we are flexible with the business needs and get things done in a timely and efficient manner.  Communicating in a clear and effective way with your managers, supervisors and co-workers is key for the overall flow of the business.

Work Environment:
This job operates in an open-office setting and requires mobility inside and outside the bar. Movement is spent in high-traffic areas while performing various tasks. The use of a phone, Mac/PC, printer, and Point of Sales system are required. The position is exposed to high energy loud music levels and low-lights for long periods of time (8+ hours).

Physical Demands:
The physical demands here are representative of those that must be met to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. This position requires the ability to walk/stand and sustain physical activity for extended periods of time (8+ hours). Requires at times high and low levels of movement with the ability to reach with arms, kneel, crouch, climb, balance, and squat. Requires the lifting of items up to 50 lbs. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:

Full-time position that requires a flexible schedule, often-working workdays, weekends, and holidays. Shifts include normally as early as 9 a.m. and as late as 10 p.m.

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